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Our mission

As an extension of the home, we work hand in hand with parents to empower our learners to become employable, resilient leaders. We aim to help every learner to gain a clear understanding of their purpose in life; to shape and form them as part of the next generation, living their lives with passion, honour and valour. We aim to raise up engaged citizens that can function under government, and in leadership positions, holding the vision of a better future for their community in their hearts and plans.

Our purpose

Mokopane Destiny Academy (MDA) is an independent school with a Christian ethos, functioning under the direction and as an extension of Destiny Alive Family Church.

MDA will provide quality education, following an internationally-recognised curriculum, from Grade RR to Grade 12, for learners in the Mogalakwena area.

MDA aims to inspire a quest for life-long learning. The final product is well-rounded learners, equipped for 21st century life and the workplace.

The focus of MDA’s education is on the values and outcomes of internationally-minded learning. Education is a growing process, and as students progress in their learning experience, the aim is to increase engagement with the curriculum and to equip each learner for improved learning outcomes. Learners grow in their personal commitment as their focus on the outcomes we value becomes more visible throughout this process.

OUR curriculum

We are dedicated to:

–  provide much more than an international curriculum and certainly a “traditional” or mainstream school experience.
– provide a safe learning environment, small classes, spacious classrooms and playgrounds;
– provide friendly, caring and professional teachers; function under government, and in leadership positions, holding the vision of a better future for their community in their hearts and plans.


“We are equipping our learners for a future we can’t quite envision yet. We teach them problem-solving skills, critical thinking patterns and develop analytical- and solutions-driven mindsets. They will need these qualities to be successful citizens, who contribute positively to their environment, no matter what it looks like.”

Thomas Marshall




Admissions are open throughout the academic year. Successful enrolments are based on availability for the grade applied for and the results of the student’s placement tests. Please note that the submission of an application does not automatically guarantee acceptance to MDA and if the grade for the year of registration is full, the applicant will be added to the waiting list and the parents will be notified.




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